I guess I’m just not a nice person

 We’ve turned the world into a place where everyone knows everything about        everyone. Everyone has the right to write information about themselves, to upload photos and tell us every detail of their lives, everyone has the right to be seen and noticed and listened to. Communication is instant.

But what if I don’t want to share all of that? There is such thing as too much information after all. I choose not to share all my life with people I know so is it really fair for me to know about everyone else’s latest drama? Am I truly entitled into knowing that the girl I studied with 10 years ago’s boyfriend’s operation went well? I hardly think so and on top of all that I don’t really care.

Yes, I follow and read people’s blogs and I subscribe to some channels on Youtube but these are people that I choose to have an interest in. People that aim to entertain, not who use their social networking sites as a very un-private diary.

I guess I’m just not a nice person, I want to hear what’s going on in my best friends lives and I love to hear interesting tales and stories also but I’m really not interested in: what everyone is up to, with who, when etc. If this makes me a horrible person then I guess I’m guilty but I don’t understand how people are so free to open up and divulge all their secrets to practically anyone. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way, after all I’m sure not everyone is interested in everything I’m up to or have to say.

Think before you type people!