The Olympics make me feel fat

Jessica EnnisSo the Olympics are in my country. I’ve lived in London my whole life and love it so much but as a Londoner I feel I have license to criticise. London is very multicultural and that’s lovely as it means that we all grow up aware of different cultures and countries and traditions but it does mean that we have very little that we can identify as solely British. As a result I thought that hosting the Olympics may be a bit disastrous if not just plain boring but I can safely say that London has been doing a good job. They’re doing everything expected of them and I think we’re being good hosts.

So I’ve been proven wrong, well done team GB- we’re managing just fine. I thought that I would find the Olympics boring and that it would prove too hectic being in the middle of it all but I’m actually enjoying watching a few of the events and as I said before, I am content with Britain’s hosting skills (also was pleasantly surprised with the opening ceremony). The only thing that I am disliking about the Olympics is how unfit it makes me feel. I hate sport and I’m not pretending I enjoy it in any way but the Olympics are a constant reminder of why I should exercise more.

The beaming athletes with their rock hard abs and perfectly toned legs… things I could only dream of! talent and a good body. My parents raised me to be creative and well, they did a good job at that I guess but they never forced me to be sporty (admittedly because I lack key skills such as hand eye co ordination) I’m a good swimmer as I’ve been swimming since the age of 2 but bar that- absolutely no sporting abilities.

So as I lay on my sofa sipping my coffee watching the rest of the Olympics, I will be patriotic and enthused for my teams and the athletes that represent them. However, In addition to that I will also be feeling incredibly jealous of all the athletes competing and feel a bit bad about myself and my belly, thighs, arms etc…