I’d never seen the big appeal in Valentine’s Day. I’m not really the relationship type and most of the time would rather be chilling out at home alone than dolling up to go out on a date but my friends are the complete opposite.

It’s quite scary come to think of it, the amount of girls who actually get depressed over not having a Valentine. It’s just one a day a year, a practically insignificant 24 hours that is meant to be enjoyed by couples but no, single girls have to turn it around and just use it as another excuse to feel sorry for themselves.

I went to an all girls school for the majority of my education but now I’m in a boy-dominated school It’s easier to spot the girls who care about valentines (usually the girls being extra flirty and cringe-worthy as February 14th beckons) to be frank, I feel uncomfortable just watching them. It’s easier for girls to be predators, most of you will know that teenage boys who’ve been in a single sex school for 5 years will respond and make a move on anything that looks even remotely interested in them and at parties, under the influence of alcohol it’s somehow acceptable, girls making the first move can even sometimes be viewed as empowering but it definitely isn’t if the reason behind it is the girls fear of being alone on valentine’s day.

Worse than the desperation that comes into view this time of year is the girls who act indifferent. Well, I shouldn’t use the word “act” so lightly. There are a lot of girls who want to give the impression that they don’t care about Valentine’s Day yet in enforcing their indifference feel the need to moan and bombard people with very detailed rehearsed explanations on how little they care about valentines, how “It’s just a commercial holiday” and how “you barely even remembered” it was in February. These girls are even more pathetic than the desperate couple-wannabees. I have the strongest urge to shake these girls and tell them to grow up, it’s okay to be single on Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to live the remainder of your life as a spinster and if you’re so “okay” with it please please please don’t feel obliged to tell me why.

It’s the first time all my girlfriends are single on Valentine’s Day and the most recently single of us wants us to spend it together. A proper anti-testosterone day, I’m happy to oblige because honestly I don’t have anything else or anyone else to spend the day on but the fact that we feel there’s a need to protest and pretend it’s our choice to have no males present is admittedly stupidly childish.

For those of you in relationships, enjoy February 14th and those of you who aren’t, please don’t spend the day under your duvet crying to the Notebook. Either embrace your single status or ignore the date completely because people’s reactions to the holiday are truthfully a lot more irritating than the concept of the day itself.