Singing a daydream

If anyone of you happened to read my post “Daydreaming a song” this post will make more sense. I was asked to record the song by another blogger so I want to thank them for asking for me to do this and also apologise for the terrible quality! but I hope you guys enjoy it nonetheless :S As I’ve told you before, I’m not a singer- my blog is just random thoughts and topics, not the blog of a singer so please take that in to consideration 🙂


Fashion’s a bully

Fashion is getting more and more ridiculous and “Out there”. It seems as though the craziest and most out there parts of the last ten decades are just thrown together: neons, Lycra, florals, bohemian, tassels, tie die, acid wash- all have stumbled into our fashion magazines again and although the lack of original fashion ideas does annoy me (I’m all for recycling but there’s no need to keep doing it in fashion) this isn’t what today’s little rant is about. No, what annoys me is how fashion really isn’t tailored to everyone.

First it was bodycon. The material designed to not only highlight but to accentuate every lump and bump on your body. Bodycon is possibly the most unflattering thing ever to have been invented, you may as well be naked because people are able to see the exact shape of your body anyways- not really leaving much to the imagination are you girls?

What annoys me more than bodycon? Sheer clothing. I mean seriously, when did it become acceptable to wear translucent clothing? and don’t get me started on those lace leotards and tops, it’s as if we’re just slowly eliminating the need for clothes, soon we’ll be walking around in just our underwear.

Oh wait… did I say “soon”? just looked outside my window to find a girl in a bralet, yes girls, dont bother wearing clothes anymore, just throw some pretty underwear on and you’re good to go.

My bitterness is evident, the only reason I’m complaining about these clothes is because I cannot pull of wearing them. Fashion is bullying me for not being thin so I’m having a little moan about it’s barely-there clothing. For all you girls who own this clothing and look good in it- I hate you. Thank god maxi skirts are still in fashion otherwise this summer would be hell for me!


Like a chandelier

Often the people who look the most beautiful or seem perfect are the ones who are so fragile. What I’ve noticed is that people who have real problems, not just boy trouble or stress from an exam I’m talking about real heavy and emotionally challenging problems, well those people don’t talk about them.

Think of something fragile: glass, porcelain or a perfect hanging chandelier, all stunning and so fragile, so ready to break at any moment. I know I sound ridiculous but I mustn’t be the only one… when I see a sad film what strikes me the most is how beautiful the moment is, the moment when someone hugs goodbye to their best friend, kisses their lover for the last time or the moment when someone realises that the most important person in their life has died. That’s what makes sad films so popular, the fact that the moments are devastatingly beautiful and I know this sounds terrible but often people are at their most beautiful when they’re at their worst. I’m in no way saying sniffling and mascara running down your face is glamorous but I think that when we open up our emotions, when we’re unafraid of being judged-that is when the human race is at it its most beautiful.

Humans have evolved to be self-sufficient and masked. We learn to not show who we really are, we learn to put ourselves first because we’re told that we will be hurt, we’re told that the world is a terrible place and it absolutely is, it sucks… but only a bit at a time. We can have bad days, bad weeks or even a bad year but it always gets better- think about it, doesn’t it always get better?

There are so many people who appear to have these flawless lives but are breaking apart inside, the most composed, and the girl with the prettiest smile are often the ones who are suffering the most. Like a chandelier they can break down and fall to the ground in seconds… beauty doesn’t mean power.


Photographic memory

Recently my quite eldery and fragile laptop has decided to have another incovenient episode and I have found myself with a completley blank computer. All documents and photographs vanished. Luckily being a easily stressed out student, I have copies of all current or relevant work but I am absolutley devestated about the loss of all my photographs.

I have had a camera for as long as I an remember, carrying it around in my bag on almost every outing no matter who I was meeting or where I was going and I had saved the majority of my photographs on my little pink laptop. Now every single one of those photos has dissapeared and it feels as though I am more vulnerable to forgetting memories now.

Every photo, no matter how unflattering, posed or old it is, connects to a memory or event and it is a little upsetting that they’ve all gone now, I wish I had printed them out and put them in albums whilst I had the chance but for now I hope my own memory will serve me well enough.

I still havent learnt my lesson though, all the new photographs I’ve taken in the past week are saved onto my little pink laptop and the time will come where my laptop decides to rob me from them again .

Take my advice! Print or back up your photo’s whilst you have them, losing your photographic memory is a mildly tragic matter, luckily I have survived this tragic ordeal but dont underestimate the importance of photographs in your life, those 2D memories are just as important as the ones we store in our mind.

(forgive the melodrama)



I’d never seen the big appeal in Valentine’s Day. I’m not really the relationship type and most of the time would rather be chilling out at home alone than dolling up to go out on a date but my friends are the complete opposite.

It’s quite scary come to think of it, the amount of girls who actually get depressed over not having a Valentine. It’s just one a day a year, a practically insignificant 24 hours that is meant to be enjoyed by couples but no, single girls have to turn it around and just use it as another excuse to feel sorry for themselves.

I went to an all girls school for the majority of my education but now I’m in a boy-dominated school It’s easier to spot the girls who care about valentines (usually the girls being extra flirty and cringe-worthy as February 14th beckons) to be frank, I feel uncomfortable just watching them. It’s easier for girls to be predators, most of you will know that teenage boys who’ve been in a single sex school for 5 years will respond and make a move on anything that looks even remotely interested in them and at parties, under the influence of alcohol it’s somehow acceptable, girls making the first move can even sometimes be viewed as empowering but it definitely isn’t if the reason behind it is the girls fear of being alone on valentine’s day.

Worse than the desperation that comes into view this time of year is the girls who act indifferent. Well, I shouldn’t use the word “act” so lightly. There are a lot of girls who want to give the impression that they don’t care about Valentine’s Day yet in enforcing their indifference feel the need to moan and bombard people with very detailed rehearsed explanations on how little they care about valentines, how “It’s just a commercial holiday” and how “you barely even remembered” it was in February. These girls are even more pathetic than the desperate couple-wannabees. I have the strongest urge to shake these girls and tell them to grow up, it’s okay to be single on Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to live the remainder of your life as a spinster and if you’re so “okay” with it please please please don’t feel obliged to tell me why.

It’s the first time all my girlfriends are single on Valentine’s Day and the most recently single of us wants us to spend it together. A proper anti-testosterone day, I’m happy to oblige because honestly I don’t have anything else or anyone else to spend the day on but the fact that we feel there’s a need to protest and pretend it’s our choice to have no males present is admittedly stupidly childish.

For those of you in relationships, enjoy February 14th and those of you who aren’t, please don’t spend the day under your duvet crying to the Notebook. Either embrace your single status or ignore the date completely because people’s reactions to the holiday are truthfully a lot more irritating than the concept of the day itself.