I’m looking for you

I’m looking- aren’t we all?

As pathetic as it sounds none of us want to end up alone and that’s why we date, why we try, why we keep looking… we’re just trying to find someone who we can love and who (most importantly) loves us back.

But love is an ideal, that’s the problem isn’t it? I’ve never seen a relationship work out, never envied people in relationships because they’re never perfect and because someone always ends up getting hurt.

I dont want to end up getting hurt.

I dont want to end up alone.

It’s stupid really, that it’s so hard to find something that everyone is looking for. It may not even exist. Or maybe it does exist but not everyone’s meant to find it.

I dont want to end up with a broken heart- I’m fragile enough as it is… yet- I cant help but keep looking and I dont even notice I’m doing it.



1 thought on “I’m looking for you

  1. Relationships are tough because each person carries baggage from the past that they have not let go…so when the past pain comes up we explode… The issue is never the issue and if you can find yourself first and see your pain and let go of it it makes it easier… Being alone is not a bad thing use the time to find your true self and then you will be awake to find a person who is just as awake as you are… I don’t believe you find love… You must love yourself first and then you are able to give it and love finds you because you know what it is.

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