Playing games

There are certain unwritten rules and rituals that every teenager and young adult knows. Unwillingly we all obey these rules meaning we’re all playing games. What I am talking about of course is relationships.

Who makes the first move? Is it okay to text the day after you meet or is that too eager? How soon in to the relationship can you say ‘ I love you’ ? There are so many questions but  in reality there is not just one answer. Every relationship works differently. None of my friends approach relationships in the same manner because we’re all different therefore it only makes sense to have different approaches towards our love life.

What I hate though is the feeling that you have to do certain things when you first meet someone new. Courtship in this day and age is far from romantic- it’s stressful. Both parties realise they’re trying to leave a good impression but in reality are just lying to each other and themselves. Isn’t it best to just be yourself? Do what you feel is right instead of what you’ve been told you should do?

I’m far from a relationship guru but I’ve seen this game played in a million different ways and I myself have done this too. At the end of the day, It’s best to be yourself, they’ll discover the real you soon enough- better sooner than later right?

Playing games is something both sexes are familiar with and guilty of. As someone who hates the concept of relationships regardless- I think that relationships should remain a game-free zone. It’s easy- two people like each other, one asks the other on a date and then they take it from there. Let’s not overcomplicate things guys 😉



2 thoughts on “Playing games

  1. Interesting ideas. I must say however courtship is something different than what you think. I am a Christian and I believe in courtship. I don’t know what background you come from, but it sounds like you’re scenario for courtship is different than mine. One of the purposes of courtship is to include the whole family of both people. After all you will be seeing a lot of them most likely. 🙂 One of the problems with dating is that the two people can get way too close way too fast. It also tends to include kissing, more hugging, etc. When you court you are to better see people for who they are and not for how well they kiss. 🙂 People courting try to have a respect for things like kissing and hugging and want to save those feelings for their spouse and thus they take a more “distanced”(physically that is) relationship. Anyway, the whole point of my comment is to say that courtship is not as bad as you think. 🙂 I already wrote WAY too much here, though we can talk about this more if you like. 🙂

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