Dum dum dum dum


My friends always find it odd how obsessed I am with my wedding considering I’m the one who hates any form of commitment to a person and who’s relationships always end before they truly start. Although at present I know I would be terrible in a relationship I do hope that one day I will find someone that I can afford to be myself with, someone that I’m not scared to open up to or live the rest of my life with.

I guess a wedding for me isn’t just having an absolutely beautiful day, or about being surrounded in happiness. I’ve been a witness to so many failed relationships that I cant possibly imagine one that lasts for ever. My fascination with my own wedding is that I hope that I’ll be able to prove myself wrong, prove that love does exist and that I can find it.

I’ve dreamt up every detail, most girls have. I cry at almost every movie with a wedding and am obsessed with television shows about weddings. weddings are meant to be perfect so what’s wrong with imagining mine a little early? It’s not as if I’m booking florists and photographers just yet but I do know every detail of the day (of course I will never tell any future boyfriends of this as I’m positive this will scare them off).

 Here comes the bride…