mmm Cake…


A great many things can be resolved with kindness, even more with laughter, but there are some things that just require cake


I guess I’m just not a nice person

 We’ve turned the world into a place where everyone knows everything about        everyone. Everyone has the right to write information about themselves, to upload photos and tell us every detail of their lives, everyone has the right to be seen and noticed and listened to. Communication is instant.

But what if I don’t want to share all of that? There is such thing as too much information after all. I choose not to share all my life with people I know so is it really fair for me to know about everyone else’s latest drama? Am I truly entitled into knowing that the girl I studied with 10 years ago’s boyfriend’s operation went well? I hardly think so and on top of all that I don’t really care.

Yes, I follow and read people’s blogs and I subscribe to some channels on Youtube but these are people that I choose to have an interest in. People that aim to entertain, not who use their social networking sites as a very un-private diary.

I guess I’m just not a nice person, I want to hear what’s going on in my best friends lives and I love to hear interesting tales and stories also but I’m really not interested in: what everyone is up to, with who, when etc. If this makes me a horrible person then I guess I’m guilty but I don’t understand how people are so free to open up and divulge all their secrets to practically anyone. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way, after all I’m sure not everyone is interested in everything I’m up to or have to say.

Think before you type people!


Daydreaming a song

I’ve always loved singing, I’ve been in choir all my life but I’m more of a singing in the shower girl and tend to pretend I’m not that good purely because I think my friends would be quite surprised if I suddenly unleashed my love for music after hiding it for so long. In addition to singing I love writing, mostly poetry but unfortunately I haven’t been able to write a lot lately because I’ve been so busy with my studies. Today as a bit of a break from revision I went to catch up on my poetry and looking back in my notebook I found an unfinished poem, I didn’t really like it but I liked the emotions I had behind it and I remembered exactly when and why I wrote it. I tried writing another poem and it didnt feel right. So… I tried my hand at songwriting. Here’s the end result- tell me what you think (unless you think it really sucks and in that case just ignore it haha).


My Song:

They never really teach you ‘bout love

Its just an urban myth

A fairytale, a goal, something we aim to be in

But then when I saw you, I thought that finally…

I’d understand

Ohhh ohhh


Now I’m wishing I’d never let go…

 that easily of my pride.

So used to being careful

and now there’s nothing left to hide behind

Guess at least now I know

What it feels to be in love

And although it’s a fairy-tale

It’s not one I’m that fond of

In my eyes you were flawless

And that’s what made me scared

I knew from the beginning

That it was destined to end

But I let you fool me into thinking

That you really cared




At the time it felt right

To just let you love me

But now look what it’s done

What was meant to be love

Has not only broke my heart

But it helped you to break me


Chorus x2


So thanks for teaching me

What it means to be in love

I’m building up my walls again

Now you’ve proved that I’m not tough

And thanks for all the memories

That I never can erase

Love I will forget about

But you? Well no one forgets pain.

Ohhh. (fade out)

well there it is, I may record myself singing it if anyone wants? well let me know


Fashion’s a bully

Fashion is getting more and more ridiculous and “Out there”. It seems as though the craziest and most out there parts of the last ten decades are just thrown together: neons, Lycra, florals, bohemian, tassels, tie die, acid wash- all have stumbled into our fashion magazines again and although the lack of original fashion ideas does annoy me (I’m all for recycling but there’s no need to keep doing it in fashion) this isn’t what today’s little rant is about. No, what annoys me is how fashion really isn’t tailored to everyone.

First it was bodycon. The material designed to not only highlight but to accentuate every lump and bump on your body. Bodycon is possibly the most unflattering thing ever to have been invented, you may as well be naked because people are able to see the exact shape of your body anyways- not really leaving much to the imagination are you girls?

What annoys me more than bodycon? Sheer clothing. I mean seriously, when did it become acceptable to wear translucent clothing? and don’t get me started on those lace leotards and tops, it’s as if we’re just slowly eliminating the need for clothes, soon we’ll be walking around in just our underwear.

Oh wait… did I say “soon”? just looked outside my window to find a girl in a bralet, yes girls, dont bother wearing clothes anymore, just throw some pretty underwear on and you’re good to go.

My bitterness is evident, the only reason I’m complaining about these clothes is because I cannot pull of wearing them. Fashion is bullying me for not being thin so I’m having a little moan about it’s barely-there clothing. For all you girls who own this clothing and look good in it- I hate you. Thank god maxi skirts are still in fashion otherwise this summer would be hell for me!


Like a chandelier

Often the people who look the most beautiful or seem perfect are the ones who are so fragile. What I’ve noticed is that people who have real problems, not just boy trouble or stress from an exam I’m talking about real heavy and emotionally challenging problems, well those people don’t talk about them.

Think of something fragile: glass, porcelain or a perfect hanging chandelier, all stunning and so fragile, so ready to break at any moment. I know I sound ridiculous but I mustn’t be the only one… when I see a sad film what strikes me the most is how beautiful the moment is, the moment when someone hugs goodbye to their best friend, kisses their lover for the last time or the moment when someone realises that the most important person in their life has died. That’s what makes sad films so popular, the fact that the moments are devastatingly beautiful and I know this sounds terrible but often people are at their most beautiful when they’re at their worst. I’m in no way saying sniffling and mascara running down your face is glamorous but I think that when we open up our emotions, when we’re unafraid of being judged-that is when the human race is at it its most beautiful.

Humans have evolved to be self-sufficient and masked. We learn to not show who we really are, we learn to put ourselves first because we’re told that we will be hurt, we’re told that the world is a terrible place and it absolutely is, it sucks… but only a bit at a time. We can have bad days, bad weeks or even a bad year but it always gets better- think about it, doesn’t it always get better?

There are so many people who appear to have these flawless lives but are breaking apart inside, the most composed, and the girl with the prettiest smile are often the ones who are suffering the most. Like a chandelier they can break down and fall to the ground in seconds… beauty doesn’t mean power.


Lips as red as blood

Every time, every single time Im getting ready to go out I wounder whether I can pull of the red lipstick look. It’s become increasingly popular and when flicking through magazines I cant help but admire how glamorous girls appear with their luscious locks, impecable make up and striking red lips. I, despite my Colombian and Italian background, am very pale and teamed with my black curly hair I cant help but feeling like a reincarnation of Snow white when I apply a red lipstick but the few times I gather enough courage to embrace my “skin as white as snow” and “hair as dark as coal” I have noticed that red lipstick looks incredible… for all of ten minutes.

With all brave or striking make up you are forced to check up or re-apply various time throughout the night just to check that it’s still alright- looking and for me this is the biggest downside to red lipstick. I am in no way a makeup expert because truth me told I am too lazy to spend time in the morning making myself look pretty and am quite content with my dishevelled “natural beauty” so having to check up on make-up always seems to slip my mind and only the morning after (when I recieve 50 notifications on Facebook of tagged photos) do I see how desperatley I should have bothered to make a quick trip to the bathroom and fix my makeup, if only to prevent it looking like I’d snogged a clown

Possibly Joker-like smiles are not the only problem with red lipstick. Again this is probably only annoying to inexperienced make up users like me but I ALWAYS end up with make up on my teeth and for somone with a smile to rival Wallace and Gromit it is particularly difficult to hide the fact I am a failure as a girl and cannot apply lipstick (generally getting about 60% on my teeth and the remainder sloppily caked onto my lips).

What seems to be a tradition with my fellow red-lipsticked girls is kissing absolutley everyone you can on the cheek. This bizarre form of branding seems to only occur when women apply the red lipstick. Girls with pink, orange, purple- I have never seen them collecting people and tagging them with their lip imprints but apply a bit of red lipstick and BAM girls start to prey on the innocent cheeks of unsuspecting party-goers.

Following the point of lip imprints, It’s so inconvenient to have to drink out of glasses when wearing such a bright lipstick- you leave a rather grim lip stamp on all the cups that you drink out of which not only makes it very hard to slyly take a gulp of your friends drink when they’ve gone to the bathroom but it also is terrifying evidence when you see the 15 empty glasses with your lip mark on them and realise you’ve probably drunk a bit too much (once again).

For all those ladies who are confident enough to wear red lipstick, I sincerly applaud you. I think I am still lacking the overall glamour and grace needed to pull off this look. One day I hope to leave my house looking like an ethereal, almost-sexy Snow White but until then guess I need to face that a red-lipped me may not quite be up to the standards of “fairest of them all”.