Photographic memory

Recently my quite eldery and fragile laptop has decided to have another incovenient episode and I have found myself with a completley blank computer. All documents and photographs vanished. Luckily being a easily stressed out student, I have copies of all current or relevant work but I am absolutley devestated about the loss of all my photographs.

I have had a camera for as long as I an remember, carrying it around in my bag on almost every outing no matter who I was meeting or where I was going and I had saved the majority of my photographs on my little pink laptop. Now every single one of those photos has dissapeared and it feels as though I am more vulnerable to forgetting memories now.

Every photo, no matter how unflattering, posed or old it is, connects to a memory or event and it is a little upsetting that they’ve all gone now, I wish I had printed them out and put them in albums whilst I had the chance but for now I hope my own memory will serve me well enough.

I still havent learnt my lesson though, all the new photographs I’ve taken in the past week are saved onto my little pink laptop and the time will come where my laptop decides to rob me from them again .

Take my advice! Print or back up your photo’s whilst you have them, losing your photographic memory is a mildly tragic matter, luckily I have survived this tragic ordeal but dont underestimate the importance of photographs in your life, those 2D memories are just as important as the ones we store in our mind.

(forgive the melodrama)


Growing Up

I wouldn’t classify myself as a grown up, I still have a lot of maturing to do but I’m getting there… it’s just taking an awfully long time before I feel sure enough to call myself an adult.

One thing I’ve learnt though this is that growing up means growing out of things. I realised I no longer fit into my girly pink bedroom and so painted it a deeper purple, I don’t go on social networking sites as often as I used to and I have to do lists on my phone instead of time-consuming apps. All these things are inevitable when becoming an adult, they’re just acquiring different tastes and thinking in a more mature manner and truth be told we all know that we’re going to have to change a few things as we get older because there is nothing worse than someone who doesn’t act age appropriate.

Although I may accept changing tastes and hobbies slightly, there is one thing that I never thought I’d grow out of…my friends. When you have people you’re close to and share everything with it’s impossible to imagine your life without them, they become like family and when you know them for a long time you start to see them as part of your future. Looking back on the past few months, it’s obvious how much I’ve changed and how unwilling I am to deal with certain behaviour which sadly my best friend has started to possess. Over the past few years I’ve had many arguments and fall outs as everyone does but I thought that was something I left behind with childhood.

On a daily basis I deal with people who are determined to ignore me or hate me because of some petty issue- that I can deal with, but distance in a relationship for no reason at all? It hurts a lot because I know there’s not much to do- we’ve grown apart because we’ve grown up and with that the friendship I once thought would be unbreakable has slowly started to deteriorate and soon enough will be too weak to save.