What is Friendship?

I think a lot of the time we underestimate the importance of friendship.

Friends a lot of the time are the cause of unnecessary stress and there are numerous occasions when I would be more than willing to murder some of them but at the end of the day it’s so easy to forgive them for all of those things because they’ll do something or say something that shows them exactly why you chose them as a friend in the first place.

Whenever you ask people what is important or what they look for in a friend they usually say traits like loyalty, helpfulness and kindness but if I think about my friendship group these are definitely not traits they possess. My friends constantly tease and taunt each other and the amount of fights there have been because of lack of loyalty and respect to each other is unreal. In fact, we act more like enemies than friends and most outsiders or anyone reading this would wonder why the hell we remain friends at all.

The truth is, none of those things matter, I can deal with the teasing and the nonsense because they do possess the quality I value the most and that is understanding. Our friendships have all had to endure various problems, some trivial but some a lot more serious and that little group of teenagers that I call my friends, they were perfect in those situations.

I don’t know if this applies to everyone but I don’t want friends who are nice to me all the time, constantly compliment me and share the same interests  as me, I enjoy having an eclectic group of people that are definitely not perfect but always there for me and each other when it counts.

I can confidently say that that’s what matters most to me in my friendships.



One thought on “What is Friendship?

  1. i think i might have to agree with you on this one…..my old friends were very much like this and if you were someone outside the circle, you’d think we were nutters and faking everything and that we didnt really like each other and just bundled together coz we had no other group to belong to…..heck my own parents thought that….yet i know thats not true and when it really mattered, we knew what to do….

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